Kia Muze creates a tasty debut album!

Kia Muze

If I were a movie I would be a classic black and white film. Scenes full of passion, love and strength with low lighting in a natural setting. In the pivotal scene the leading lady is next to the train tracks. The wind caressed her face, a train passes and with it comes the main character dressed in a black trench coat. A passionate kiss fills the scene and … cut! Break! The place now is filled with red fruits! Strawberries, cherries and blueberries are the key partners for us! A smoothie made ​​with red juice and milk, a strawberry cocktail and good music! Smooth, beautiful, powerful music caressed our ears! Life is beautiful! Nowadays music has an essential role in our lives. There are artists who create great music. Kia Muze made ​​a great album for the whole day! 7 songs made ​​with delicious ingredients, smells like spring, have a taste of red fruits have a sweet, delicate flavour! 7 songs that make your soul smile! Superhero is a great album for you who love real music! Will make you travel! Will make you taste the beauty of life! An album made of soul, made of beauty… I am listening Kia now and I feel her wonderful voice into my soul! This is a must have album! Thank you so much Kia! You made my days!

Buy the album:


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