“The Yes Feeling”: Honey Larochelle creates Sweet Music made in Heaven!

Honey Larochelle

A silky voice and a heavenly music make my heart flutter. I feel the cool morning dew to my soul, the sun warms my breath and a red rose pays tribute at each step. Touch a dewdrop on a cherry tree and red fruit that shines under from the blue sky. I see the flowers bloom and the bees are celebrating the life and this spring season into each flower! A sweet music fills the nature and my existence. Honey Larochelle plays with my feelings through a sensational album! By the first tune until the finale, her music looks like a sweet feast filled with colours, fragrances, love, honey and smiles! Honey Larochelle created a unique album for those who need to feel closer to a sweet heavenly place, where the music celebrates through her beautiful, sweet voice! This album is the best gift for you! A Canadian girl flies into Heaven and she writes a letter to your Dear John. She needs to Be Your Baby! Hey Love can you listen? She Fights For Him and She Opens my Heart in One, 2 Three! Now every Honey Bee fills with jealousy when they see me into the field! I have “The Yes Feeling” with me! I feel better! I feel Alive! Honey Larochelle creates Sweet Music made in Heaven!


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