Exclusive Interview Reesa Renee: Music is a vehicle of expression!

Reesa Renee 1

Welcome to the Wonderland Cool! The chrysanthemums are blooming beneath your feet while the clouds with the soft blue color traveling over your head. Here everything looks fabulous but with a cool feeling! The loudspeakers play the national anthem of this fabulous country! A song with Reesa Renee’s beautiful voice! You hear her voice and you feel her power! A beautiful artist, a beautiful voice, a beautiful song! You feel that this country is the kingdom of happiness! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a unique artist! Reesa Renee is here! Welcome aboard! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

I think I see your face everywhere… but tell me… Who is Reesa Renee?

Reesa Renee is HUMAN lol! I smile, I cry, I laugh, I suffer, I succeed and I write about it! My LIFE is my art and live to express my everyday emotion.

“Reelease”. Beautiful music / beautiful world / Reassuring inspiration for a better world. How can you describe your album / your music?

The best way to describe my album is honest! It was so much fun working with my brother and producer P.Kay the Producer as well as other engineers ALL bred from my hometown, the DMV! It’s such a well rounded body of work! I put my heart, soul and everything in all that I do and I strive to remain transparent always encouraging myself and whomever has an ear to believe in themselves and to follow their heart!

Do you believe that music is a gift?

LIFE is the GIFT. Music is simply a vehicle of expression.

Flowers, animals, people… World Go Round… Do you feel that life is a dangerous game? Do you feel that music is the safety net?

I wouldn’t call life a “dangerous game” I actually wouldn’t call it a game at all *chuckles*. Life is life and everyone expresses their journey in their own way THAT is the definition of ART!

Wonderland Cool! Music is a miracle! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?

My everyday experiences inspire me and my family and supporters help me feel brighter. You can ask anyone and I think they’d all agree, being relatable gives life and brightens any and all circumstances.

Do you feel special? Do you believe that you are here to inspire the world?

Of course I feel special! Every day I am allowed the opportunity to breathe and continue to do what I do is a BLESSING! I do not define nor question my role on this earth I just LIVE and operate through where my heart leads…it’s brought me this far 🙂



Reesa Renee 2

Now I am in the Wonderland Cool! Thank you Reesa Renee!


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