Mariah and her Easter Bunny!

Mariah Carey

She was a little girl with a magnificent voice. Growing up in a beautiful home somewhere in the forest of music. Every morning she sings along with the nightingales, run with the foxes, speaks with the deers and fights with the eagles. But when she returns at home she’s always nagging. Her mother knows that her little girl is looking to find the Easter Bunny. She told to her that this is just a fantastic creature but the little girl began to cry. Every Easter sits high on a tree and wait. The years passed and the little girl was transformed into a gorgeous woman with a captivating voice. And it was just yesterday that her big dream came true! Mariah finally found her Easter Bunny! Now nature blooms under the sound of her crystalline voice! Now Santa Claus found his Easter friend! Now Mariah is happy! All her loyal friends are happy too! People, animals, birds, all these creatures that cared for her, everyone who touched by her voice are now smiling at her and her new Easter friend! This April will be a great month!


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