Exclusive Interview Honey Larochelle: A combination of Chaka’s funk, Alicia’s soul, and Lauryn Hill’s edge!

Honey Larochelle 1If Heaven were a tiny part on earth then it would be surely full of multicoloured flowers. On each flower a swarm of bees would set up a grand celebration. The children would be fed with delicacies made of honey and their toys would be a good instructive lesson for the adults! Every evening we would light candles and we would celebrate life! In this celebration, the children and the adults would become a big company and we would listen all night the new sweet, heavenly album that Honey Larochelle created! The Yes feeling is not just an album! Is a must buy album! Honey is a wonderful, unique, talented artist and is a great honour to present you her exclusive interview for Poping Cherry! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

All the busy bees love honey! All the music lovers love Honey Larochelle! How can you describe Honey?

Wow thank you so much! It’s hard to describe yourself, but if you’ve never heard my music before it might be easy to imagine a combination of Chaka’s funk, Alicia’s soul, and Lauryn Hill’s edge. Me as a person, I’m funny, and I’m real. I’m here to represent all the thick and sexy girls out there properly and honestly, and keep a sense of humor present.

“The Yes Feeling” fills our soul with pure honey! The album is a new experience for you and the audience! How can you describe this experience?

I made this album for all the girls to sing in the mirror to. And for all the people to bump in their cars, and especially for people to make love to.

It’s an album about the different chapters of love. From flirting to falling in love, to falling out of love and everything in between.

Life is beautiful! Life is sweet! What inspires you to create beautiful/sweet music? What makes you feel brighter? Is music a way to dream?

Well I’ve been making music all of my life. My mother is an amazing singer and vocal coach, so all my life that’s what we did.  Yes, music is surely a way to dream. It’s an escape from reality, but it’s also the narrative to our real life stories.  That’s what inspires me, the real stuff.

How can you describe your childhood? A little girl playing with her dolls, or a little artist ready to create music and inspire the world?

I was definitely a little artist. My mother had me writing songs, and performing on stages from the time I was 5 years old. We recorded an entire children’s album together when I was 7 and 8. I just listened to it actually, and it is still really great. It brought back a lot of great memories. It’s called “CC Sings, Friends Friends Friends”

Do you have a secret/ a message to share with Poping Cherry?

I want to tell all my youthful fans out there that they should figure out what exactly they want as soon as possible. Only once they know what they want can they manifest it. That’s the easy part. Knowing is the hard part. So start there!



Honey Larochelle 2

Thank you so much for the heavenly moments Honey Larochelle!


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