Exclusive Interview Trevor Wayne: God does not want us to worry about him!

Trevor Wayne by Austin Young

Stale bread is hot, hotter than you think! This recipe is ready to be cooked, coffee is served. I have decorated the wall with colour, faces, bananas and Stars! This is what I mean ART! A vision, a touch of mind and a mix of colour and passion! Trevor Wayne is a true artist and Poping Cherry proudly presents his artistic view exclusively to you! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

If life were a playground your game would be something like art! This word represents you! Within your own eyes who is the real Trevor Wayne?

I’m an artist. I just want to create. I want to make things that make people smile and come from a place of happiness. The real me depends on the minute, but I’m basically a homebody, with a nerdy sense of humor.

It’s been an extraordinary journey for you from the Academy of Art in Chicago, to much charity art shows and then acting and modeling. So, was this journey easy? What did you discover for you?

It just happened. I just kept going. I think as an artist the most important thing is to just create and not worry about how far others are in their careers, or worry about not being good enough. There is ALWAYS someone better- and really there is no such thing as better or worse because everything is just DIFFERENT. I discovered that success is enjoying the journey and trusting the universe to take care of you. This doesn’t mean don’t put in effort. It means just create, put it out there, and keep going. Don’t worry about what it will get you, but enjoy giving it as a gift. Everything else falls into place.

When you consider everything that has proceed do you feel that you have lived numerous and disparate lives? What do you dream for tomorrow?

I feel multiple lives are possible. Not sure I believe any one thing but stay open minded to all. I just dream that I will be happy and grateful for all I have, be it through success in art, acting, or anything else.

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in you? Are you here to inspire? Are you here to guide everyone who believes in you?

I believe God is possible, I believe if God is real God does not want us to worry about him. We are here to find our own gifts- what makes us unique and use it to make the world a better place. I also believe a collective consciousness is possible. I think the greatest thing is to inspire. That is an amazing gift! It can not be the goal, however. I can not guide others, and I feel bad about that. It is because everyone is different, and comes from different paths, and has different views. Advice is always good and should be asked, but no one person can tell you how to succeed, you have to pick and choose the pieces of advice that FEEL right for you and create your own path.

Is something that you believe that you haven’t still made? Something that you are dreaming all these years?

Yes. I’m working on a TV script right now.. It has been in my head for a few years.. other than that ideas come when the do. I do not force new art, even if I haven’t done any for months. It comes when it does.



Dexter by Trevor Wayne

Trevor Wayne art

Trevor Wayne by Dusti Cunningham Photography

Thank you for the vision of art Trevor Wayne!


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