Exclusive Interview Isaiah: With great power comes great responsibility!

Isaiah single cover

As night arrives and the lights dim, your mood reaches to the heavens. You want to go out, you wanna walk on the beach, you need to feel the sand on your feet…listen the waves that ship your dreams to infinity. And now you want to dance a Slow dance! Isaiah is here to presents you the right song! Slow is a sensual, dreamy, catchy single. The one that helps your dreams to arrive up to the heavens! Isaiah is here to win a spot in our dreams! Poping Cherry proudly presents Isaiah! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Isaiah?

Isaiah is an R&B singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, PA who is here to share some quality music with the world, share some empowering messages along the way and leave a legacy that will influence a few people to do the same when I’m gone.

How is to grow up in a house full of music? What do you remember most strongly from your home?

Growing up in a musical home had a huge impact on me as an artist. I remember my parents cleaning up the house every Sunday and nothing but great music of all genres being played throughout the day. I always looked forward to Sundays.

Can you remember the first time you created your first tune? The day you realized that music is your destination?

I wrote and recorded my first song when I was 14. It was called “To Give You The Very Best” and it started out as a poem. Once I brought it to life by giving those words melodies and emotions when I went into the studio to record it, I knew that being an artist was my destiny. It is truly a God Given Gift to be able to go from complete silence to creating a harmonic, melodic song.

Do you believe in God? In Angels? Do you believe in you? Are you here to inspire? Are you here to guide everyone who believes in you?

Not only do I believe in God, but I believe that all things are possible through him. My faith comes from personal trials and tribulations I’ve endured throughout my life. I know there’s no way I would’ve been able to make it through those rough patches without the Grace of God.

“Slow”….. A new single, a dynamic, powerful, intense, erotic, sensual track! How can you describe “Slow?

There aren’t too many better ways to court a female at a party, club or event than asking her to “Slow Dance” with you. It gives you an opportunity to create chemistry, vibe with her, and break the ice. The opportunities that can come from a simple “Slow Dance” are limitless!

Do you believe that there are ways to preserve our values in our days? And how music can pass a message to the world?

What gives music and us as artists so much power is the fact that we have the ears and minds of the youth. Whoever has influence over the youth has the power to change the world because the youth is our future. I think it’s very important that artists are careful with the messages they put out there. With great power comes great responsibility.

Do you have a secret/ a message to share with Poping Cherry?

The message I’d like to share is that we have the power to accomplish anything we set our minds to.  The most challenging task in any mission is not the tasks or mission itself; it’s convincing ourselves that we have what it takes to accomplish the mission. Remove all fear and doubt, keep God first, work hard and meditate on success and you’ll be surprised how far you can go.



Thank you for the summer feeling Isaiah!


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