Exclusive Interview Algebra: I believed in the arts with all my heart!

algebra closeup

I drop bright red strawberries in a glass full with ice. I decorate with cherries! A refreshing beverage with a red energy that fills my mouth with a sweet flavour and my soul with a sincere smile! I’m addicted to the sweet, chocolaty music! I am looking for a voice to fill my heart. I discover Algebra! An addictive voice that sings for my soul and my dreams! A unique artist speaks and I feel spellbound! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a great voice! Ladies and gentlemen Algebra is here! Take a Bow! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

As I am listening to your voice I feel calm, happy, secure… ! You inspire me because your voice is made in heaven! But how can you describe yourself? Who is Algebra?

Thank you for the compliment!! I describe myself as forever growing… A work in progress. Algebra is the daughter of a strong mother and a praying grandmother.

Your house was full of music. You were grew up to the sounds of soul music, gospel and R&B. You sang in a gospel choir when you were in school. So, how was this journey? What did you discover for you?

The journey itself is still presently being travelled. My choir teacher at the time told me “There will always be someone prettier than you and that can sing just as good as and better than you, but no one can be a better you than you so be your best you”. I’m reminded of that in so many areas in my life.

Music is a part of me, a part of every human. Music can do something to us! We need good music! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?  Can music illuminate the darkness?

Life and love inspires me. My niece and nephews make so much sense to me… They embody so much guiding light. Music is like clay. It can be formed to be and do a many splendid things!

What’s next on Algebra’s life and music?

Studio album number 2 coming soon and looking forward to the unknown.

Can you remember the first time you created your first tune? The day you realized that music is your destination? A little child creating a beautiful music dream… is that your life?

It’s kinda not the case for me. Being around the creators and performers in my family I believed in the arts with all my heart. It’s always been powerful!! I can almost guarantee that the power was hovering even when I didn’t know it. To my recollection, my first works were being charted in dance practice and walking home from school.



Algebra Brown Couch

Thank you for your voice Algebra! Thank you for the music! The best dessert before dinner! 


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