Exclusive Interview Soley: I cook poems, dreams, books and real life in my mind and what comes out of it is my music!

Soley 1

I was standing on a reef. Colorful fishes all around me run like hunted. In a little ray of light I see a shade dripping on black wings. Remnants of a bird that was here. A black color shade. Is life that embraces the night? Then in the middle of a wave I hear a familiar voice. Looks like an exotic yelling my name. I know that voice. Is Soley! A captivating, distinct voice that always comes to answer any inquiry of my heart in a melodic way. Soley is coming just like a light to illuminate our time! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Soley! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

A pretty face covers my screen as a sepia cloud covers the sky. I hear a voice and it’s yours. You are Soley, I know that…. but you know better… Who is Soley in your eyes?

I’m a 26 year old Icelander who loves to make and play music!

I’ll drown when I see you. In the beach, I see a bird and a figure… its pure art! What inspires you to create art?

I take inspirations from everywhere, poems, music, all kinds of art, dreams, books, real life and then I cook it all together in my head and my music is what comes out of it!

I took all your birds and I smashed them in my pocket. I screamed and I saw the light.  I found a way to solve problem through music. Do you believe that you can inspire people with you music/your thoughts? Is music a way to dream?

If people are inspired by my music then I think it’s great! But I make music because I love making it and in a way I can go to my “other world” when I write the lyrics and make the soundscape, so yeah in a way it’s a way to dream.

How can you describe your childhood and your family? Little Soley believed in fairy tales? Which was your favorite?

Well I was just a normal kid… but I can’t remember if I believed in any fairy tales but I think like every kid has it’s imagination floating all around, it’s fun to be a kid. Life is not simple but still you haven’t been taught what is real and what is not. So it’s kinda like living in a dream.

When you consider everything that has proceed do you feel that you have lived numerous and disparate lives? What do you dream for tomorrow? What’s next in your music/life?

I think my life has been and will keep being pretty nice. My dream for tomorrow is just be happy and healthy and for the moment keep on touring and I’m looking forward going home also to be with me loved ones. When I get back to Iceland I will start making a new album.



Soley 2

Thank you for the magnificent art Soley!


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