Exclusive Interview Anduze: We live in a fortunate time for musicians!

Anduze 1

Life in motion! A black and white cartoon: Boy meets girl. Girl leaves boy. Boy chases girl. Girl finds boy. Boy finds the beat. Girl love that beat. Ten Thousand Hours of love in black and white! And here comes color! The End. A happy ending full in magnificent, sensual, catchy rhythms made by Anduze! He is a young, talented musician that creates gorgeous music! Poping Cherry happily presents you a must listen artist! Anduze is here! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

As you are the only one who really knows Anduze how can you describe Anduze?

Anduze is a soul singer, songwriter, storyteller, and visioneer.

Ten Thousand Hours full of catchy rhythms, inspired music, intelligent lyrics…. What means “Ten Thousand Hours” to you?

The title, Ten Thousand Hours, is a literary reference taken from Malcolm Gladwell’s non fiction book called, Outliers, in which he presents the theory that it takes a minimum of ten thousand hours of devotion to one’s craft in order to achieve a level of expertise.  Now, my intention is not to claim I’m an expert musician, nor am I soliciting the notion of something deserved.  Instead, I wanted to mark it as a celebration of the hard work and dedication I’ve committed to music for the last sixteen years.  For me, ten thousand hours is a milestone I feel certain I’ve reached at this point in my journey…a journey I embarked on at the age of nineteen when I chose to follow my passion instead of practicality, risk over the prospect of stability, and struggle in exchange for the preservation of my soul.  I’m still having fun doing what I love, while continuing to find new and creative ways to tell stories, inspire people, and share intimate pieces of myself.  I hope this mixtape reflects that sentiment.  Much respect to the producers of these great tracks, which compelled me to compliment them as best, I could.

Do you believe that you can inspire people with you music/your thoughts? Is music a way to dream?

My favorite thing about music is how broad the spectrum of inspiration can be.  What my lyrics mean to one person, often mean something entirely different to another.  The little meanings people take away from each song are directly related to who they are and what’s happening in their own lives. And that’s beautiful.

You have been around the world and you have met different audience. Do you like to travel through music? What did you discover so far from your trips?

The thing I love most after music is traveling.  So to be able to travel and play original music for different audiences and cultures is truly the greatest gift I can ask for.

What inspires you to create music?

So many things inspire me to create music.  All of my life’s experiences, love, heartbreak, as well as different art forms, and listening to other types of music outside of the genre I perform…etc.

What’s next on Anduze’s life and music?

I’m working again with Parov Stelar on new material, as well as many other electronic based producers.  In the fall, I will play some shows in South America.

Do you have a secret/ a message to share with Poping Cherry?

Thank you for listening and sharing my lyrics and melodies with your friends and families around the world.  We live in a fortunate time for musicians like myself, when reaching a vast audience instantaneously is so easy to accomplish. Cheers!



Anduze 2

Thank you for the beautiful music story Anduze!


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