Exclusive Interview Rachael Alexander: Music to me is akin to a paint brush to a painter!

Rachael Alexander 1

Hello! Wherever you are tonight, I will send you a piece of art to calm your soul and open up your vision. If art were a chocolaty cake, Rachael Alexander would have been the sweetest piece! A fresh, unique and visionary artist! A velvet voice that has the capacity to accompany you to the sweeter, wonderful journey of your life! Poping Cherry proudly presents a wonderful/sweet artist! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Music, Fashion, Photography… so many skills, so pure art! But how can you describe Rachael Alexander?

I describe myself as a multipassionate artist and entrepreneur, soulful, eclectic, and seeker of love and balance.

People are searching to find their own integrity, their soul, and their dreams. Music helps a lot! As an artist what are you searching in music? What gives you inspiration? What music means to you?

In music I’m searching for music that literally makes me feel, connect, elevate, and grow. I love all kinds of music so when I listen to music I’m looking for those qualities. Music to me is akin to a paint brush to a painter. Its one of my favorite human expressions and platforms to use to express myself. You can literally paint an entire sonic landscape lush with so many different sounds and timbres or you can leave it simple and yet poignant. I love the different soundscapes of music and the link that it possesses between the creators and the audience.

You EP “Discovery of Love” is soul’s revelation! Beautiful music comes through a captivating, gorgeous voice…. How can you describe the making of the EP and the music you share with the audience?

Well thank you I really appreciate that! The making of Discovery of Love EP was definitely a love quest. I had written songs that really touched on my personal search for love within and outside myself and I could find a better way to express that than a concept of an EP to showcase just a snippet of the music that honestly came from beyond myself. I can honestly say for this EP that all the music was effortless and came to me very easily. There were not a lot of rewrites in any of my songs on this project. Sharing it with people and getting such positive feedback was definitely gratifying and pleasing to see happen because as an artist a lot of times you are in your own world when you are creating and experiencing moments that translate into your art. So to share it and see that others can really connect with it is truly powerful and means I’m doing something right! Haha

A Part of Me is your audience’s friend! Do you feel the power that music gives you? Do you feel that you can inspire the world through your art?

I definitely feel and plan to inspire the world through my art. I definitely feel other-worldly when I listen to A Part of Me. It almost takes me to another world if you will. “A part of me” was definitely written through me, the melody came and the words shortly thereafter. I am definitely please with the song.

What’s next for you in life and art?

What is next for me is to keep going and getting myself and my art out there for others to share in and experience. I really want to share what has been created with many people. So my next step is to keep going!

Do you have a message/secret to share with Poping Cherry?

I am having another EP release and concert on June 29th, 2013 at Little Tree Studios in Avondale Estates, GA, and the title of this EP is “Sex, Love, & Freedom”. I’ve planned on releasing a number of EP’s before next year so I’m continuously working on new music alongside my other projects (namely fashion). And thank you so much for your insightful questions! I really enjoyed sharing with you!



Rachael Alexander 2

Thank you so much everything Rachael Alexander! Your voice, your music and your art are so inspired! A great way to inspire me! I enjoyed this journey!



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