Exclusive Interview Cusses: A ‘cuss’ is defined as a “rascal, a tormented animal or person.” We want to embrace the rascal within all of us!

Cusses 1

You don’t give me respect. You don’t give me a chance. But, how many fates turn around in just 2 minutes? You don’t want to give me just 2 minutes but I don’t give in! You ‘re arrogant. You think you rule the world! Sucker! I can rule your world! I have the power! Press play: Cusses are playing their songs just for us! I feel their power! I feel like an animal and I need to embrace that animal inside my head! Now I know how!  Poping Cherry proudly presents Cusses! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Cusses are our shelter, a place to feel free! But tell me…. Who are you and what means Cusses to you?

Cusses means quite a few things to all of us. It is our shelter too. A place where we can let go of everything in the past and present and feel free of fear.  A place that brings hope into our world.  Where we can see and feel that no matter what has happened to you in your past or happening presently you will be ok, you will get through this with the right positive perception.

Cusses is also the title of your debut album! How can you describe the experience/the album?

That experience was beyond what we had expected.  Working with our producer, Dan Hannon, brought out things in all of us that we didn’t know we possessed. We put everything we have into every thing we do, into every song, so you can imagine it was an emotional roller coaster! But an amazing one! We all grew tremendous amounts. As well it made us all better musicians!

Who is your Worst Enemy?

Anyone that wants to lie or cheat someone else. Anyone that thinks they are better than the person standing next to them.

Don’t Give In! Music is like a diamond! What inspires you to create music diamonds?

We all have different inspirations. But they all come from the heart.  We want people to feel something when they are listening to our music or watching one of our videos. We want them to experience us and what I spoke of in the first question!:)

What makes you feel brighter like a diamond?

Seeing people happy, feeling people around you experiencing your heart and soul and them relating to it.  Where you help enable them to be drawn to a deeper emotion within themselves.

Is music a way to dream?

Yes definitely, a way to let go and a way to let your subconscious and heart speak.

Do you remember the first time you met?

We all met at different times and I believe we can all say we remember the first day we met! Cusses has been a long time coming!

How was that?

Great! We all bring out the best in each other.  The formula and the chemistry that we have created something that we all know is special and something to be proud of whether anyone gets to hear it or not.

Was that day your lucky day?

Sure it was!:) You meet many different people along the way in life.  Bryan and Brian met many years before they met Angel. They probably never saw her coming! But we are all very grateful that we have all come together to do something that we all very much enjoy doing and need to do!

How easy it is to collaborate and how easily new ideas are born?

Very easy! Every time we come together for practice we pull out a few new jams! That’s also because Bryan Harder is the riff master and we all work very fast together. We have many many more songs to complete, but we are taking it one album at a time!:)

Can you talk to me about the Kickstarter you just launched?

We wanted to launch a Kickstarter because we do have an endless catalogue of music but we don’t have endless pockets!:) We love the idea of getting our fans involved in our next album.  It’s pretty cool that they can help with their love for another record and ours to continue our journey together.  It’s a gamble with the Kick but it motivates us all!

We are almost at the half way point and have 27 days to go!  We tried to put some very cool incentives in there to get people excited about.   Not only the upcoming album but also what they can be apart of or get a limited edition piece of Cusses.  We are very hopeful we will all be able to make this happen working together!

Do you have a secret/ a message to share with Poping Cherry?

Some of you might not know what Cusses means and we want that to be clear!  A ‘cuss’ is defined as a “rascal, a tormented animal or person.”  We want to embrace the rascal within all of us.  We want to learn how to grow through life together with a movement of music to help guide and console.  We want to touch the world with Cusses.  We want the world to know it’s okay to be a ‘cuss’.  That it is okay to love rock-n-roll and embrace each other through these moments.  WE ARE ALL CUSSES!




Cusses 2

Thank you Cusses! That was a great experience! We are all Cusses!


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