Only Kanye West can control me!

Kanye West New York Times

In the opposite side there is someone who looks just like me. When he looks at me he hones his teeth. But, I am not afraid of him. This man can’t handle me! I learned to fill fear, with the colors of war. Nobody will beat me! Nobody! You know that when I park my Range Rover, slightly scratch your Corolla. Okay, I smashed your Corolla! As much as you wish to hide me I’ll shine! I’m better than all of you! One more hit and I can own ya! I will be the winner again and again! I am the winner! And I will feed my enemies with my stardust! You say you know me losers but you really just know the old me! I am ready for this now! Are you? Hey Losers! I can’t control it and you can’t control me! Only Kanye West can control me!


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