Exclusive Interview Regan Perry: Everything ends, nothings forever!

Regan Perry 1

There is a picture in my mind. I feel safe in my frame. I am not a child anymore but I feel innocent. Can you imagine why? No school. No homework. No university. Just music. Good inspired music. Music made by a gifted, enlightened artist. Yes, Regan Perry is here and he is talking to me! Poping Cherry proudly presents Regan! Light Up your soul! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Life is an extraordinary journey for everyone. At a moment you are a little kid and the other moment you create life and music. So, how was this journey? What did you discover for you so far?

Everything ends, nothings forever, some folks they break down, some folks they sether, but please believe, you know you cant stop it, so don’t be hard on yourself just ease the fu*k up and chill the fu*k out. Honesty and self-worth go a long way. Children are innocent. Adults aren’t. Lots of regular life stories. No school, just music. No university, just music. No 9 to 5 just music. Then I had a son. Music is everything and nothing at the same time.  I love this journey.

It’s time for Revolution! This is your first single of the new album. Do you believe in Revolution? Do you believe that in our time people need to fight for their future?

“Revolution starts within, that’s where you should begin” the chorus says it all. You start your own revolution and you affect the people around you with it. Affect them in a good positive way.

“MAUI” is a new album/project/chapter! A new way to live with music!  “MAUI” is a new experience for you and the audience! How can you describe this experience?

‘Maui’ is the word that helped me get through ‘lock up’ in NZ and helped me stay sane when everything else turned crazy. There is no song on the album called Maui, that name is too important for a song. Maui is my son. MAUI is an album for him. Its been an amazing experience making this album, knocking out 18 Tracks, working with Junior Marvin, Desi Hyson (Bob Marley and the Wailers), Squidly Cole, Mike Pinto, Stick Figure and many more all positive generous people. Co-Producing it myself with David Wells of Chicago through Mash it Up Records, and mastered by Mike Caplan, Lion and Fox Studios D.C, I couldn’t be more proud of the Tracks and the Kaupapa (meaning) behind the album.

Do you believe that you can inspire people with you music/your thoughts? Can music illuminate the darkness?

Yes. Yes music can be light or dark.. Its an art so its limitless.. It can also lead you to dark places or light places.. Its powerful to me.

What inspires you in life? What makes you feel creative?

Watching life. My son. The waves. The city. The country. Good conversations.

Do you have a secret/dream to share with Poping Cherry?

Not really, im living my dreams everyday. Thanks poping cherry!



Regan Perry 2

I’m living a dream everyday! Thank you so much Regan!


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