From Zero To Hero (with Katy Perry)!

Katy Perry 1 

I used to be quiet, I wanted to be polite. I used to bite my tongue, I wanted to look scared. I used to hold my breath, I wanted to have something but finally you gave me nothing! But here I come! I am ready to make my mess (it’s better than to be a mess)! I’m gonna rock the boat!

You held me down, but I got up! Now you have to be down if you want to see me shine like thunder up to the skies! I got the eye of the tiger, you got the flash of a lighter. I am better than a lion and you’re quieter than riot! But now you’re gonna hear me ROAR louder than a lion because I am a champion!

Hey! I went from zero to my own hero! Listen…… hrrrrrrrrrrrROAR!!!!!!

Katy Perry 2 

Katy Perry Roar Single Cover 




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