Lady Gaga is my human aspect!

lady gaga 1

My mind is a sophisticated computer. I cling and give commands to my body. I download all the programs. I’m protected from viruses. But you cannot touch me because my wires are filled with memories and emotions. Lady Gaga has entered my system. We exchange feelings and we are talking about art. She dominates my hard disc! She gives me orders and I execute them! She says that she is over and I can’t download her new single. She mocks me and waits for my reaction. I connect to the I-tunes store and I download “Applause”. It’s addictive! It runs with the speed of light within my every memory and fills my artificial intelligence with human feelings. I wake up from the lethargy and I face my real life! Eventually art and culture is Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga is my human aspect!

lady gaga 2



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