Exclusive Interview Azania: I grow, I learn, I stumble, fall, and rise again to keep moving forward in faith!

Azania 1

You showed me the way to climb over mountains and touch the sky. The light comes out and I can smile. Music is a way to live, to love, to dream and to go on. I just need to discover the message through fresh tunes. I am up to the sky as I am listening to a voice that captures my dreams. I can keep going faster and faster. I have a present for you. A new artist. Her name is Azania and she comes to share her life with us. She is everything you need! Listen to her story, her music and her beautiful voice! Poping Cherry proudly presents Azania! Fly up to the sky! Azania has the way! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Azania?

I’m a happy, excited lover of life and all of its magic, and I’ve been spreading love and joy through singing since I was 6. My parents are from Sierra Leone, West Africa and I was raised in the U.S. and Switzerland so I speak 3 languages. I’ve performed over 800 concerts worldwide and I love traveling and experiencing how universal music is. I write and sing songs from my heart and my glorious fans inspire me and give me wings to fly.

As I hear your gifted voice positive energy surrounds me! Do you feel that your voice has the power to spread a message?  To connect people?

I believe my purpose is to touch and uplift people through singing. God gave me this gift for a reason and I intend to use it well. Every song carries a message and a feeling. If that message is expressed with heart and soul, it can resonate with other people’s emotions and can be very powerful. It becomes a part of you and you feel connected to the singer and the song. John Lennon and Bob Marley were well aware of the responsibility they held as their messages carried power and inspired collective movements. But I believe that essentially every person has the power to spread a message and influence people, especially if the listeners connect emotionally to what is being said. It’s just that the messages expressed by performers (including actors, poets, journalists, politicians, etc.) can touch masses of people simultaneously so it can have a bigger impact.

Rising Up! Music is a miracle! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?

My experiences and other people’s journeys inspire me to create. Every single day I’m amazed at the magic of life and am so grateful to be here. I grow, I learn, I stumble, fall, and rise again to keep moving forward in faith.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood?

From my childhood I remember how blown away I was when I saw Whitney Houston in her music video for the song, “Greatest love of all”. Her voice and beauty were spectacular and I knew then and there that I wanted to be a singer, “just like Whitney”.

What’s next on Azania’s life and music?

I’m excited to announce the release my debut album entitled “Rising” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rising/id672758881?uo=4) and I’m thrilled to be working on a brand new full-length album to be released next year produced by the phenomenal Jeremiah Abiah. I also look forward to traveling more and being able to spend more time with the children I support at the “All As One” orphanage in my country, Sierra Leone (www.allasone.org).

When you consider everything that has proceed do you feel that you have lived numerous and disparate lives? What do you dream for tomorrow?

Living in different cities and countries created distinctive “eras” in my life. They exposed me to new experiences and opened my mind to many things. Although disparate, the experiences were so enriching to my life that I feel very privileged to have had them.

For now and the future, I look forward to growing, learning and evolving, taking life day-by-day, living in gratitude for all my blessings and loved ones, giving to others, and sharing love and joy wholeheartedly through my life and music.

Is something you want to say? A message for Poping Cherry? Something that I should ask you?

My official website is: www.azania.com where you can sign up to my Mailing List to stay informed about new music, videos, concerts and more.






Azania 2

Let’s fly up to the sky! Music is the key! Thank you so much Azania!


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