Exclusive Interview Kate Boy: Music should be able to take you to a place you don’t get to be in everyday life!

Kate Boy 1

I have a dog that has a taste in music. My dog is barking to the imaginary garbage track every night. I swear he can survive any storm. We live in our imaginary house by the sea, so far away from the cats. Just like live wires, we need to connect in your system. We can fill your poisonous and desperate world with refreshing and promising music! We supply hopelessness with hope! We give you Kate Boy! Their own music is our bliss! Our oxygen for a new beginning! They are hope! Now my dog is happy! And I feel proud because Kate Boy are talking exclusively to me! I am connected to their world and now I am ready to leak their music to your system! Poping Cherry proudly presents Kate Boy! Now breath! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

As I am watching your videos, I am listening a distinct voice that sounds a bit like remedy and a particular strong, intense and advanced sound. But it goes even further….. Your videos are a superb art. What is art?  How art is expressed through Kate Boy?

Thank you so much! We think art is whatever it is to the individual. It is something subjective and unique, something that should be experienced and appreciated, if not – we assume that we’ve misunderstood it.

Since art often comes from the deeper, darker places we naturally shy away from in day to day life, it’s the best way for a human to truly express themselves without needing to use the fundamental forms of communication.

The coexistence of a group, is a pleasure or a difficult situation? And how can you describe Kate Boy and your music?

The hardest thing for us to deal with as a group is to find that common ground where we all get to stand by our work and feel connected to it. Getting four people to agree can be a test sometimes, but 100% of the time we find the outcome is always a better one when we combine our minds and ideas together to create together. That’s the inspiring challenge for us, and we couldn’t do it without each other.

What inspires you and puts you in the process of making music? What makes your imagination run wild?

Whether you create music or enjoy it, it should be able to take you to a place you don’t get to be in everyday life. Half of the process is trying to mould this landscape where our imaginations get tickled. Maybe even confusion rather than the familiar. Once that becomes the blueprint we like to then add the human element.

Is being an artist a blessing or a curse?

It is an absolute blessing. We would much prefer to know the darkness and “curse like” feeling that comes along with it, than to never experience the pure liberation and elation that being an artist can evoke.



Kate Boy 2

You are hope! Thank you for the oxygen Kate Boy!


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