Exclusive Interview Sin Fang: I get lots of my ideas from the world that opens when you let your mind run free!

Sin Fang cover

We were young boys smoking in the woods. My own tobacco touched the tops of the trees and went towards heavens. They said I’m haunted. I said I’m blessed. I said I saw the light. Now I live in a cave in the woods. The river is black and there is no good air to breath. But every time that a flower blooms I feel the oxygen to penetrate into my soul. I feel my weird heart ‘walking’ through my veins. I light a fire and I am sending smoke signals in the universe. An optimistic message that life starts over through the flowers. The flying smoke is covered by tunes! Sin Fang’s splendid, bizarre, rejuvenating tunes! The best way to celebrate the renewal of life, the birth of a new flower! This great artist is here and speaks with me! Poping Cherry proudly presents Sin Fang! Experience this rebirth us! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

All around you (music, videos, photos) is a dreamy dive into the art. What is art?  How art is expressed through Sin Fang?

Art is whatever you want it to be. My art is expressed through pop music in Sin Fang.

Flowers are everywhere around us. Fills with colors and flavors the nature and have a lot of symbolism. Is your music a palette of flowers? What symbolizes for you the “Flowers” EP? And what makes you feel creative?

Flowers are used both in sad and happy occasions. I thought that was a good name for the theme of the album witch is teenage years and growing up. Teenagers are very emotional and either very happy or very sad.

Do you believe that we can find luminaries and revolutionaries in music? Are you ready to revolt and engage your audience by your side?

I believe music is very important. It was very important to me growing up. I make music for myself but I’m always very happy when the music finds someone who really appreciates it.

What characterizes the artists and what makes them different than all the others?

I don’t think artists are very different most of the times. Most of the artists I know are pretty normal people.

Write your name in my palm and look at the light! What inspires you and puts you in the process of making music that shines like the light? What makes your imagination run wild? What’s the next Sin Fang chapter?

Lots of things inspire me. Everyday life and new instruments. Other art and music. I like to trip out and try to write down ideas. I have realized it’s possible to trip out without using any drugs but by getting in the right mind step. I get lots of my ideas from the world that opens when you let your mind run free and just try to grab concepts and ideas.



Sin Fang 1

Sin Fang 2

This is a rebirth! Thank you so much Sin Fang!


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