Exclusive Interview Bry’Nt: Ideas can pop up at any moment!

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As I am watching Daffy’s adventures I feel that Bugs Bunny is the true star in Looney Tune’s world! That’s the rules folks! But not in real life! Here you can be the only star! Do you need money? You have to work! Do you need fame? You have to try! Do you need cool music? You have to visit Bry’Nt Park! I keep the streets empty so you could discover his music! Bry’Nt is back with great music and he is coming back to Poping Cherry to share his art! Poping Cherry presents you Bry’Nt Park! You can enter now! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

“Keep The Streets” is out! What’s the story behind the track and how can you describe it?

The track was produced by someone I’ve worked well with multiple times in the past, Ashlyne (formerly known as Ashley Breathe). The outcomes of our combined creativity are usually crazy and unique musical brain-children.

I went to her house one day and she played the beat for me. Typically, when she plays a beat for me, I fall in love right away. Her sound is so futuristic. When she played the beat to “Keep The Streets” and I heard the hook, I immediately created a story around what she had come up with already.

I decided to make the song about a friend of mine who was involved in street life. I describe the song as rap music in it’s true form. It has the perfect rap recipe: hardcore beat and vivid storyline.

What inspires you and puts you in the process of making music?

I always draw from things in my life — so ideas can pop up at any moment. I dream lyrics and when I’m driving I can think of an entire song. I guess the process is having no process.

What makes your imagination run wild?


What’s next on your life and music?

I plan to finish my album “Bry’Nt Park” just in time for spring as well as shoot two or three more music videos for the album. I also have signed on to star in the second season of “Finding Me: The Series.” That should keep me very busy!

Do you believe that you can inspire people with your music/your thoughts?

Yes, I believe that I can inspire people with my music/thoughts. People are inspired by music in general. Yes, sometimes songs are just something fun to listen to, but they also deliver messages and can be a reflection of the social climate.

Can music illuminate the darkness?


Do you have a message/secret to share with Popping Cherry?

Look out for “Bry’Nt Park” this spring! *wink wink*



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I am entering the Bry’Nt Park! Thank you Bry’Nt!


One thought on “Exclusive Interview Bry’Nt: Ideas can pop up at any moment!

  1. wow great article i am a fan of brynt and been listening to his stuff, i really like keep the streets would like to hear more of him and ashlyne together on track. cant wait to hear more diverse stuff on this upcoming album

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