Exclusive Interview Timotha Lanae: I’m a hopeless romantic!

Timotha Lanae Red Cover

Red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire and happiness. Red is the colour of a strawberry or a cherry. In Poping Cherry’s world Red is associated with talent, beauty and great music! A sweet voice caressing your ears! A lovely voice that thrills your soul. It makes you feel addicted to her beautiful complexion. This voice makes you dream with your eyes open! It is Timotha Lanae’s wonderful voice! Timotha is here now to talk and we put a little Red in everything we do! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a great woman, a spectacular voice! Ladies and Gentlemen Timotha Lanae is here! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Who is Timotha Lanae?

Timotha Lanae is a lover of God, family and music. As long as I have these three things in my life, I’m good! My love for these three things has shaped the person I am today and affects my song writing immensely.

As I hear your gifted voice positive energy surrounds me! Do you feel that your voice has the power to spread a message?  To connect people?

Thank you! I believe that we all have the power to spread a message and connect to people when we’re doing what we love. Singing, songwriting and performing is absolutely what I love to do, and is a gift from God. My goal is to be an inspiration and spread positivity and love using my gift.

Music is a miracle! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter?

Yes it is! The miracle of music for me is its ability to be a universal language. My life experiences inspire me to create, writing music, singing and performing is the ultimate form of expression for me.  I feel brighter when I’m performing the audience and me are completely in tune and connected. There’s a magic that’s created when that happens and it’s priceless.

What do you remember most strongly from your childhood? Do you believe in fairy tales? Which is your favourite fairy tale?

I remember my parent’s love, and my love for music. My parents made me feel so protected, loved and cared for. It was the perfect environment for me to nurture my love for music. I would sit and listen to my Fathers music collection for hours on end…singing along to the music, and learning new things.  I believe that fairy tales are necessary for little girls and boys to help nurture their ability to dream and imagine. My favourite fairy tale is Cinderella…I’m a hopeless romantic! Lol.

What’s next in your life and music?

I’ll be shooting a new music video for another song from my album RED, and I’m also working to produce my original musical REDdington on the stage.  My music videos for People Pleaser and Talkin To Myself, feature the main character from my musical Eva Reddington. Her story takes place in the 1940’s. I’m really excited about REDdington being brought to the stage.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry?

Thank you so much for your support of my music and my debut album RED! Always remember to follow your dreams and to listen to your intuition…. many times, it’s God talking to you. 🙂



Timotha Lanae photo

Thank you for your voice and the Red Vision of Music Timotha Lanae!



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