Exclusive Interview Water Seed: We encourage everyone to get to know why they are here on Earth and how they can ennoble the world to make it a better place!

Water Seed Wonder Love 2 Cover Photo

How many mountains have to face before you make the decision to climb on? How many songs have to listen before you realize what good music means? Just take a minute and listen to “Wonder Love 2″…. Water Seed are back and now you can face true music! I am so happy that they talk again to me! I am happy to encountered so great and talented musicians! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Water Seed! Music with substance! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Wonder Love 2 is out! How do you feel about the new album/ the new music?

Cinese (Flute): I’m really hyped about the release of Wonder Love 2 because some of this music has been written for a while and it’s finally free!!! On top of that, we got a chance to come up with some new material to round out the sound of this album. Wonder Love 2 has been much anticipated for a while and it’s here! Whew.

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): I feel great about the new music. I’m most curious about the reactions of the listeners whether it’s their first exposure to our music or they are long standing fans.

Shaleyah (Vocals): I’m excited about releasing new music and anxious to hear feedback from our fans and potential fans. I’d like to know what songs speak to them the most.

Do you feel that every new album is a new journey? How can you describe the album and which are the most important memories of this trip?

Cinese (Flute): I would agree that every new album is a new journey and is perfect because it’s a creative documentation shared with others. The good thing is that you realize that you may have touched someone’s soul because they had a similar experience. This album provides a more intimate look into the love dynamics between two. It illustrates their strengths, weaknesses, regrets, willingness for love and more. Also, this project brings a gritty instrumentation that makes you want to groove because you can’t help it. Funk rears its funky head on this album. Wonder Love 2 also displays self discovery and perseverance through life’s unexpected twists and turns that we all go through in this lifetime.

The most important memories of this trip was the overall process of putting out this. As an indie band, everything is done in-house which requires doubled efforts in all areas and late nights to see this project through to the end. Much respect! And just appreciating the guest vocalists on this album that put their own spin on the songs.

Shaleyah (Vocals): Yes every album is a new journey of uncharted territory. I have lots of fond memories performing these songs for live audiences as well as in the studio. There’s nothing like when you see that person in the audience enjoying the new music. That tells me they get it!

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): I do feel that every new album is a journey. I would describe this album as a journal. Each song is like having a different kind of day. I would describe this album as a sound track for love from different perspectives. The most important memories for me regarding this album were the studio sessions themselves. I could tell something nice was happening, even at the time. It’s not always like that. Some things come together in post production.

The process of recording an album is creative and beautiful. After the release how creative do you feel and what you enjoy most?

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): I immediately feel more creative after a release because I’ve made room inside as a result of the former ideas I was cultivating having been documented. I also get to hear what I like in my playing and what I’d like to improve. I get going on the growth right then and there. What I enjoy most is listening to the finished project start to finish and having the Water Seed experience, totally hands off.

Shaleyah (Vocals): I generally feel creative, even after releasing an album there is more I can say, write, sing and present. It’s really not me, I just tap into cosmic creativity.

Cinese (Flute): After the release of Wonder Love 2, I feel more creative because now is the time to get down to work. Not only are we recording artists but are a live performance band. All the time spent collaborating in the studio now requires a call to action on the stage. What I enjoy most is taking our songs to the stage and making a creative statement to audience. This requires rehearsals to bring the recordings with more energy to the stage.

In a band there must be a leader? Or is it better to give everyone his own view on music / creation?

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): From an administrative standpoint, I agree. Leadership is a must. But creatively, I entirely believe in collaboration. Still, it could be argued that there is even leadership then. I guess the creative leadership role gets passed around depending on who shows up with the most inspiration on any given day.

Cinese (Flute): I believe there should be a leader to make some decisions to keep things in order. On the other hand, that doesn’t negate the fact that other musicians will have a unique perspective and approach in the phase of creation. Whether it’s a vocal spread or verse, musicians have different ideas and moved in different ways, which lends to creating original and timeless music. However, sometimes if there isn’t an agreement, a decision has to be made to move forward.

Shaleyah (Vocals): It is important for every member to experience making a significant contribution. At the same time, in a group dynamic it is helpful to have a leader to keep everyone in sync with the overall vision and on the same page.

What’s next on Water Seed’s music / shows?

Shaleyah (Vocals): Sunday Residency on Frenchman @ Vaso, NE Tour starting Nov 20, we’ll be in Temple Hills, MD; Philly, New York (BAMcafe), Boston, Springfield and Atlanta. Check this out for details: www.waterseedmusic.com/events.html

Cinese (Flute): We are now ready to spread our work at upcoming live shows. You can definitely find our upcoming tours on our website. We will be doing an East Cost tour in mid November and may be in your area (DMV, NYC, Philly, Springfield, ATL). As for any new music, with the freedom to create whatever we want when we want, you may see another album come sooner than later.

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): What’s next is the funk. I’m enjoying rehearsals and looking forward to bringing the new song to the road. We’re still coming up with new ideas all the time.

Do you have favorite songs of the album?

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): I think I’m partial to Show Work & Prove. But I must admit I change my mind track by track as I go through the album. I really like them all.

Shaleyah (Vocals): I’m Trying, Shine and Creep.

Cinese (Flute): I definitely enjoy Wonder Love 2 in it’s entirety, but I will say my favorite songs would be: Vent, Show Work and Prove & Nola Brown.

What is the message you have to share with the audience and with Poping Cherry?

Cinese (Flute): What is the message you have to share with the audience and with Poping Cherry?

A message to share with the readers and Poping Cherry is that we are a band that won’t compromise who we are. We work hard and understand that you have to unapologetic in your creativity and what you convey to the listeners and viewers. You may love it or hate it but we hope to touch some people along the way and build a legacy for generations to come.

Jeremi ‘J Sharp’ Crump (Keys): Be yourself. On that note, be the self you really want to be, the one you can truly be ok being. Don’t imitate someone else, we need you to be the ingredient you are so we can get this recipe right.

Shaleyah (Vocals): Be your best self! I encourage everyone to get to know who they truly are, why they are here on Earth alive, figure out what they are passionate about and how they can ennoble the world to make it a better place…

Also support independent music made with live instrumentation. If you want real music you have to make that clear with your purchasing power. So of course get the new album Wonder Love 2! Thank you Popping Cherry for supporting what we do and for the opportunity to reach out to awesome people like your readers!



Waterseed, Dec. 2012

I was honored to speak with you again! It is always my pleasure to have you here on Poping Cherry! Thank you for everything Water Seed!


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