Exclusive: We celebrate the holidays with Kia Muze!

kia muze-emmanuel

I listen to a superb voice. A beautiful track sounds next to the Christmas tree. This year we celebrate the holidays with Kia Muze! I feel so blessed that I had the chance to meet this magnificent artist! Every time that I contact with Kia she directly responds to me and Poping Cherry and this is a gift for me. I am very happy to present once again Kia Muze to Poping Cherry! We celebrate this Christmas time together and we have a present for you: Her new, beautiful song Emmanuel for free! Read what Kia says about the song, about the holidays, listen to her track and download your Christmas present from Kia Muze!

kia muze 1

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write for a Christmas single, I wanted to hone in on the idea of the gift of salvation, and the gift of a Savior.  Grace has been a recurring theme for me this year.  The year started off in a really challenging way for me personally with the ending of a relationship, but time and time again throughout the year, God showed himself strong on behalf and as I found myself here at the end of the year I wanted to really make a statement about that, about the fact that God protects us on all sides, that he provides for us, and that he frees us from wrong we have done.  The one thing about it though was that I wanted an upbeat track.  Something fun with bells and a clear Christmas sound. So, in short, that is how Emmanuel came about.

I look forward to Christmas being a really reflective time this year.  There were two new babies born in my family and I have alot things to be grateful for both personally and professionally. In addition to my personal projects, I am also working on many collaborations with other producers and with the all woman writing team League of Extraordinary Pens.  It seems as though more and more doors are opening that are widening my horizons and for that I am humbled and I just want to be ready to show up and give each opportunity my all. 

I am really happy for the opportunity to connect with Poping Cherry and John for yet another Christmas.  PC has always been such a big supporter of Kia Muze music and I really enjoy seeing how PC has grown over the years.  I am wishing all of you the Merriest of Christmases and a Productive and Happy New Year!!





Download Emmanuel here:


kia muze 2

Thank you so much Kia for being always here for me! You are a part of Poping Cherry family! Thank you!


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