Exclusive Interview FiFi Rong: With music I feel home and fearless!

FiFi Rong 1

Fresh rose petals are flying in the skies. Just before the rain comes I feel the water in my hands. Just before I say my prayer I feel the fire in my heart. Am I living a dream or am I leaving? FiFi Rong in my ears. A piece of her art in my heart! In the beginning of a new year Poping Cherry celebrates 2014 with FiFi Rong and her art! Pure and true Obsession! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Your sound, your voice, your look makes me feel like I am travelling into your universe! How art is expressed into your Universe? Who is FiFi Rong?

Expressing my thoughts and feelings through words is a need to me. I just naturally do it since I could remember. Seeking meanings of one’s existence is the basis of the urge to create, therefore honesty in my work is the whole point of it.  I suppose there is a high dose of emotional intensity in most of my songs. As cliché as it may sound, the more I feel, I better I write.

You keep the balance between poetic vision and technical reality. Do you feel that in our time good music is alive?

There’s good music everywhere, we just don’t get to hear it as the world is over flown with information, and in this case, too much average music with lots of promotion in your face. Good music gets embedded without the right publicity or the budget for promotion. Ironically, promotion is usually the last thing on the mind of those people who make good music as art rather than a means to be rich and famous.

Who is art’s worst enemy?

No one is. It’s just the commercialisation of music has it’s downside and some people enjoy the benefit of it and other get screwed.

What can you remember from your childhood?

Lots of things 🙂

I was dying to nag my mum to get me a piano when I was 5.

When I was ain 6th grade the little ones from 2nd grade used to wait for me at my door and asked me to sing to them after school and sign my name on their homework paper 🙂

What inspires you and puts you in the process of making music that carries the listener away into your artistic life? What makes your imagination run wild? 

A good instrumental track, a cup of coffee, the rest just comes naturally. I don’t really imagine unless I dream of it, I just wrote about my life experiences and how I felt exactly. Usually tears involved. So you can say the key is how I let my emotions run wild haha.

What’s new and what’s the next FiFi Rong chapter?

In 2013 I have released my single and album and collaborated with a few producers. It’s a good demonstration for what I have been doing hiding in the studio for the past 4 years. Now I’m making my EP and planning to release it in April 2014, hopefully with a more matured approach on the production with new experiments on sound and vocal delivery. Also in the new year I am collaborating with some exciting artists/producers that you will find out in due course. In addition, I will be playing more live shows, electronic sets in the UK and hopefully around the world.

What characterizes the artists and what makes them different than all the others?

Depending the purpose of why one artist is doing what he or she is doing.

If making music and art is what they truly are, they would listen to their own heart as guidance and they would be different than all the others by default.

However, if the reason is to be popular or commercial successful, then the artist would likely to do what’s trendy and what the market wants to hear.

Being an artist is blessing or curse?

To me it’s a blessing, can’t speak for others. Hearing my calling but not following it was very painful, and my soul was saved when I finally decided to pursue music and my life has never been better. With music I feel home and fearless.

Do you believe that we can find luminaries and revolutionaries in music? Are you ready to revolt and engage your audience by your side?

Hmm carrying Chinese music heritage I’d love to do my culture justice in the western music world. My audiences are recognising it and for now I’m happy, the rest will be a blessing.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry?

Yes, follow me on twitter @fifirong


instagram @fifirong

For all my shows and release updates (or just sharing some thoughts or pictures)

I’m planning to have an intimate pre listening party (invitation only) for my EP launch in 2014 Spring in London and I’d like invite some of my especially dedicated fans and friends. So if you are interested please drop me an email fifirong@gmail.com and get on my mailing list!



FiFi Rong artwork

FiFi Rong 2

FiFi Rong 3

Thank you so much for the inspiration FiFi Rong! You are pure perfection!


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