Exclusive Interview Chela: Go out into the world and soak up your passion!

Chela 1

A dungeon. Inside a lovely singing voice. Is it the fairy of my imagination? I am knocking on the door. Silence. And then a melody. Do I live a fairytale? Am I the knight who must save the good fairy? I wake up. It was another inspired dream. I am listening “Romanticise”. Chela is not an imaginary nymph. She is an inspirational artist that exists in the real world just to deliver her wonderful art. Poping Cherry proudly presents Chela! Get inspired! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

‘Chela, Chela, a little bit yella, she aint no fella’…. Tell me…. Who is Chela in Chelas’ eyes?

Chela is simply the public version of myself, Chelsea. There’s not a lot that’s different between the two though, sometimes I’ll wear the same outfit on-stage as I did to go shopping that day.

“Romanticise” is your new single. How can you describe the music, the lyrics… the song? What’s coming next?

The song began after I started jamming on a synth in DCUP’s studio. I then wrote the lyrics about a negative thinking friend of mine. It all came together very quickly, like usually the best songs do! I have another single coming out soon on Kitsune called ‘Zero’.

You locked yourself in a dungeon for 40 days and nights. Without human contact you took an introspective journey into the depths of your soul. What did you discover about yourself / your music/ your art and what you learned about life and people when you finally came out to the world?

You know that was a fake bio right?! Beautifully crafted by my good friend Luke Benge. I would NEVER lock myself in a dungeon for that long, I’d miss icecream too much. I think he was comparing that to the fact that I took a break from music for a little while and worked in film. I found the music industry side of things very ugly and I needed to refresh myself!

What characterizes the artists and what makes them different than all the others? Being an artist is blessing or curse?

I think it’s up to the artist to make it a blessing or a curse. It’s hard to make a living if you’re an artist but if you invest the right amount of time and effort in the start you can get there. I don’t believe that any soul is comletely non-creative, but artists have beautiful ways of expressing themselves and they’re lucky for that.

Do you have a plan B about your life?

I try not to have a plan B because I truly believe that music is my solid path. I have passion and experience in the film industry so I picture myself making films down the track.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry?

I used to say ‘stay in school!’ because I dropped out but now my message is to ‘go out into the world and soak up your passion!’



Chela 2

Thank you for the inspiration Chela!


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