R.I.P Quentin Elias.

Quentin Elias

Life is unpredictable. Is a gift that is worth live intensely. There are people who leave early. However those few years they have the chance to create and live many lifetimes. Quentin lived a short but good life. He managed to make his dreams reality and to gain the love of the people. Gone soon. Gone young. And so will remain memorable. A few months ago I was honoured to talk with him. He did not hesitate to help me a lot and I appreciate it. In this way Ι will recall him. As a great man who succeeded in a bit of time to conquer what the others would never conquer. Poping Cherry states comminuted by the loss of a wonderful man and send its condolences to his family. May Rest In Peace. He will never be forgotten!


Thank you Quentin Elias.


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