Outside the Lines by Tae Phoenix is a true pleasure!

Outside the Lines by Tae Phoenix

I go back to the past and wondering how difficult was the path I followed. Did I have to take another path? Did a demon hid under the bed sheets and tricked me? No. The fact is that nobody has managed to fool me. I managed to find my destination. This is why I feel that within Tae’s new album at least one song narrates my own story. Her voice is a magnificent musical pandemonium. Listen to her and feel that her voice stems through your heart. Every verse is your story and each melody the ideal fellowship. I cannot select only one song to proclaim my favourite. As her voice enters in my ears I feel the enjoyment regenerates me. “Outside the Lines” is a mix of old school music covered with true lyrics. It is a true masterpiece that makes you wants to discover your ego, to reveal your own mistakes and celebrate your victories. A great feat for a new album! Tae Phoenix is not just another entertainer. She is a superb remarkable voice that shakes you through one album that you must have!

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