Exclusive Interview Ryan Adames: I could be a doctor, or a teacher but what makes me happy is music and I am proud that I’m chasing my dream!

Ryan Adames 1

Tired of being number 2. I can transform myself in number 1! You will see my show, I return on stage. Shout out and give me your applause. As long as I believe in me, nobody can destroy my soul.  I’m chasing my dream, I follow Ryan’s message. He is young and talented and he can spread his message. So happy that Ryan shared his thoughts with me! Poping Cherry proudly presents a really passionate artist! Ryan Adames is here! Spectacular! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

You were acting, dancing and touring around the world until you decided that music is your true love! So, after all these searches how can describe Ryan?

I’d have to say I’m a little bit of them all, I will forever be passionate about dancing which works out great because I use that when it comes to my live shows, and music videos but music will always be my first love. I write music everyday and whether or not its something I actually record is a different story but the music is what drives me, and when I’m on stage I’m a different part of myself that’s not always apparent in my everyday life.

Work Bitch with Todrick Hall your newest release came to overturn what Britney built! Describe the song and its story. Why did you pick this track for new single?

Work Bitch was a really fun project to do for myself, mainly because I wanted to take something that was already amazing in its original state and completely change it. I’ve always been a Britney fan, and the song is a fun lighthearted song that has a pretty clear message, if you want something you better work for it, bitch! Haha. But I felt it was a good departure from my dance records and it was kind of my last hurrah to the simple acoustic songs for me so I wanted to make it a fun one, plus working with my friend Todrick was a blast and to have his talent on a song was something we had talked about for a while.

What characterizes the artists and what makes them different than all the others?

To me there are many forms of art, and more importantly the other musicians I listen to I believe what makes them stand out above the rest is when someone truly believes in their craft and stands by their artistic decisions. In a world where people in higher places pull the stings for some artists it’s refreshing when someone goes against the grain.

What makes your imagination run wild?

What makes my imagination run wild? Life, any situation I go through I love to write about. I’m driven by my own experiences, which is why I’ve never been afraid to try new things, to move, to meet new people because really that is what will inspire me in the end.

What’s your next chapter?

I took a little bit of time away to reflect and write some amazing songs so I’m most excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on and to show that I’m not going anywhere! I have done some really cool things and I’m constantly wanting to top my previous projects so the next chapter is going to be a lot of kicking ass in the music industry!

Do you believe that we can find luminaries and revolutionaries in music?

Of course! Certain artists have a lot to say and have had such an impact on the world in a big way, I look at people like Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and Madonna and can see the influence they’ve had by standing their ground on big issues outside of the music industry and its inspiring!

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry?

My message is pretty clear, I believe we, as individuals should fight for what we believe in, and to follow our dreams. I could have done a lot of things in life, like be a doctor, or a teacher but what makes me happy is music and regardless of the blood sweat and tears I put into it at the end of the day I look at what I’ve done and it makes me proud and happy that I’m chasing my dream. I just hope the people that follow me are inspired by that message too.



Ryan Adames 2

Ryan Adames 3

We have to work! We have to follow our dreams! Thank you so much Ryan!


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