Exclusive Interview Gravitonas: Antiheroism and rebellion in general is a constant theme in pop culture!

Gravitonas Garden of Men and Machines cover

People are lonely. Animals are in herds. Let’s blast off peacefully into a new dimension! Touch the heart of a Tiger and feed the Lions. Feel a silvery knife beneath your flesh to eradicates the loneliness. Herd of people in a garden! Garden of Men and Machines. Now we are a part of Gravitona’s world! A charming world made up with an addictive and superb music! Gravitonas are back on Poping Cherry! It’s a great honor and pleasure to introduce you again a thrilling music duo! Poping Cherry proudly presents you Gravitonas! Kowtow! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

How would you describe Garden of Men and Machines?

Six songs written and recorded during the last 12 months. “People Are Lonely” co-written and co-produced with Stefan Örn (who wrote and produced Azerbaijan’s Eurovision winner three years ago) and performed as a duet with Army Of Lovers. Then four brand new Gravitonas tracks written and produced by the band with Henrik Wikström. Plus an unplugged version of “Antiheroes”, a major hit in Germany, which we originally wrote and produced for Michael Mind Project.

The coexistence of Gravitonas and Army of Lovers might be described as destiny?

It works. It worked with Gravitonas as guests on “Signed On My Tattoo” and now Army Of LOvers returned the favor on “People Are Lonely”. But it also ends there.

Being an artist is like playing with fire? Is art a curse or a blessing?

A blessing, of course. What could possibly be more fun to work with? I’m also an author and the only thing that can beat making music is writing a book. As long as I get to work with a form of art, I’m happy.

In a world of heroes do you feel Antiheroes?

You would actually have to ask that question to Andreas since he came up with the title of the track. I guess antiheroism and rebellion in general is a constant theme in pop culture.

Which are the songs that you stand out from your discography?

I would never differentiate between our songs. It’s like asking a father who is his favorite child. That question does not have an answer.

What inspires you and puts you in the process of making music? What makes your imagination run wild?

It’s actually just work and pretty hard work too. You just go to the studio and start writing and producing. It’s not really dependent on inspiration like some people tend to believe. It’s a job and the result is actually at its very best when it is viewed that way too.

What the future holds for Gravitonas?

We will just have to see but it will surely be a lot more about the work of Andreas Öhrn and Chris Wahle since they are so successful now as producers and songwriters in their own right that we will take over the work of Gravitonas too. Me and Henrk Wikström will probably pick up other work more, I believe this is a good time to pass the torch on to the younger generation.



Gravitonas by Pierre Bjork

Alexander Bard

Thanks for honor and pleasure Alexander Bard and Gravitonas!


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