Amanda Lear is a legendary lady!

Amanda Lear by Fabio Esposito for The GROUND Magazine Issue IV 2

She is a lady! A true lady! A magnificent lady! What can be said for a woman who succeeds all these years to be below the spotlight? A woman who lived a mythical life? She became the muse of Salvador Dalí. The great painter captured her image as an angel! And she continued to shine over the years next to the greatest artists! And she is still here, prepared to lend even more shine to the uninspired world of today! When you have lived next to the real legends, you have an obligation to stay untouched by the false worlds created by current notability! A true legend does not need confirmation. Amanda Lear is here to give something of yesterday’s greatness. Somethingfromthe realglory! She is a legendary lady!

Amanda Lear and Bryan Ferry

Amanda Lear and Salvador Dali

Amanda lear



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