Exclusive Interview Amanda Lear: I am convinced that we are all angels and demons inside!

Amanda Lear

A glowing Angel enters from the heavens. In the depth of her heart she writes your name. Let her majesty toguide you. In an insecure world where glamour is fake, only the true believers are gaining a place in the Kingdom of Heaven! Please give me your angel. I need her protection to be able to penetrate into eternity! Amanda Lear is your Angel, my Angel, our luminous patroness! She is coming to speak with me and I am very honored! Poping Cherry proudly presents an Exclusive Interview with a True Legend! Experience her splendor! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

When I call your name, I’m talking about a magnificent work of of art! A muse, an icon, a role model. But in your own eyes who is Amanda Lear?

Amanda Lear is a working girl.!. I have always worked. Model, disco singer, theater actress, all my activities demand great discipline. I am convinced that you cannot do what I do if you’re not totally involved and 100% pro! I know people think of me as a party girl spending time dating celebs and enjoying being photographed at the front row of fashion shows, but the truth is different. No smoke, no drink, I have been on a diet for the past forty years, I spend my time learning my lines and exercising my voice, so the life of a “muse” is not so glamorous after all.

“My Happiness” is a tribute to Elvis Presley. How can you describe the album?

“My Happiness” is a tribute to Presley, but I could never pretend to imitate him, or challenge him, he is the one and only king.! My very first single in 1977 was “Trouble” because I wanted to establish a strong aggressive image, I wanted to be a rock girl totally opposite to the pretty blonde singers with a reassuring image such as Olivia Newton John or French Sylvie Vartan. But my record company insisted on me doing disco stuff because it was the fashion and I was forced to record disco albums. It took me 30 years and 16 albums (and 20 millions sold all over the world..)to finally convince my producer to do Presley.!! Thanks to his powerful fan club we got permission to record this album with a full string orchestra, a first for me.! I wanted violins, real instruments, beautiful melodies and this unique track of the very first recording of Elvis in 1953 which was never released until a neighbor found it in her attic years after Elvis died. It gives its name to my album.

Can you imagine Amanda as a mentor who can spread her own experiences into the world?

No.! I don’t think I could be a mentor. Maybe just remind to the young kids who want to get into fashion or showbiz that it is difficult, tough, hard work and most of all never give up if you think you are doing the right thing.

In a world of Angels and Demons, could you be the Savior through your unique art?

Dali thought I was “angelic”. He painted me as Angelica saved from the Dragon. But I am convinced that we are all angels and demons inside. It is up to each one to be his own savior.

Surely Art can help us to progress and become aware. My painting, my music helps me to get through life harmoniously.

Which is the gift of fame? Is always a gift or a curse occasionally?

Real Fame is not a gift. It is the result of hard work and will. People mistake fame and celebrity. Many think that “real TV” shows will make them famous. They are just well known names, celebrities, it girls photographed at parties, but this is not fame! And yes, unfortunately, fame can also be a curse, it makes a person isolated and lonely, it provokes envy and jealousy, even hatred. I am extremely solitary, I never invite people in my house, I live alone with 10 cats…and I love it.!!!



Amanda Lear by Fabio Esposito for The GROUND Magazine Issue IV 1

Thank you forthehugehonor Amanda Lear!


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