Exclusive Interview Tim Schou: I have to sacrifice many things in life but at the same time I get so much back from my music!

Tim Schou 1

Do you see a guitar on the edge of the tide? With the tempest exploded into the skies. Now Listen to a melody from the depths of the heaven. It sounds like an Angel’s song. A hymn for the friendship. A rock ode to the true friendship! Just like Tim Schou! A rock star that believes in friendship. That’s why he has so many friends (his fans are his friends)! A new rock star who is ready to spark the universe with his own new rock masterpieces! For all his friends! Poping Cherry proudly presents an exclusive talk with Tim Schou! Treat your self with a distinct rock personality! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

It’s been an extraordinary journey for you from a point where you won the “Danish young Talent” till winning many contests and also touring around the world with A Friend In London. So, how was this journey? What did you discover for you?

Hmmm, what did I discover? – That no matter where you go in the world it’s the people surrounding you that will make your day!

How do you feel as a solo artist? Do you miss the safety of the band?

I don’t miss the safety. I like feeling out of my comfort zone. But what I do miss is the 3 personalities of my old band members. My 3 best friends for 10 years. Ben, Ash and Seb. I miss them every day.

What can you reveal about your debut album? How much constructive do you feel right now?

Well. I’m living in Los Angeles right now and I’m working on my new songs. And also being creative on other stuff like videos for my youtube channel. Youtube.com/timschouonline – the new music is really coming together and I’ve been on a crazy musical journey to find my own sound and what I wanted to sound like being a solo artist. Can’t wait to share with you all.

Can you imagine yourself as a mentor who can spread your own experiences into the world?

Uhm. If you mean a mentor for other talents… YES! Check out my youtube vids with Thomas Meilstrup on the Danish tv show “Skjulte Stjener” – I loved mentoring that little guy with such a big talent!

Which is the gift of fame? Is always a gift or a curse occasionally?

Fame is a weird word first of all. I mean, Yes I’m famous to some people around the world and yes I have fans, but at the end of the day those fans are my friends that supports me in what I do and we are all very close. That keeps the famous factor down and never lets me get big headed, and I try to protect that a lot. Talking about gifts and curses I view my talent as a gift and as a curse at the same time because I have to sacrifice many things in life but at the same time I get so much back from my music.

What inspires you and puts you in the process of making music? What makes your imagination run wild?

Sex. Love. Girls. Loneliness. People.

Do you have a plan B about your life?

What’s the point in having a plan B when it only distracts from plan A.



Tim Schou 2

Tim Schou 3

Thank you so much my friend (!)Tim!

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