CosmoBrown – Tragic Holiday! A Musical Feast!

Pamela Anderson Baywatch

I live a psychedelic state. A cloud came up and bit the sun. Rain drops knocking on the door. I am so bored of the usual. I am lost with my headphones into eternity, my friend. I press play and I go back to basics! An Electronics Storm on my headphones! A fresh Sound revolutionizes my mood. Want to dance? Do you want to dream about our tragic holiday? I got you hidden up in a musical capsule! Like it? 6 tracks / an EP, a musical blast from one of my favourite artists! I was lucky enough to get CosmoBrown’s EP early! It’s Dope! The most awesome Tragic Holiday of your life! 6 music sticks of dynamite that leads you into my world! My own universe, my friend is filled with splendid music! Just like CosmoBrown’s music! I envision the future and I love it! “Tragic Holiday EP” is a musical feast! A MUST HAVE album if you love music! The authentic, intelligent excellent music! Addicted to superb music!

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