Exclusive Interview CosmoBrown: “Tragic Holiday” characterizes the summer confusion!

CosmoBrown 1

We were imprisoned in a circle of tones, which we have created. We did 9 moves and we stopped. On the 10th we released. This cycle broke. CosmoBrown helped us with his ecstatic music. Once again he speaks with me. How delighted I am again! Poping Cherry proudly presents a great artist! Enjoy! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Tragic Holiday EP is a musical storm that hits my headphones. Great sounds for the summer. This is my way to describe your music. How can you describe Tragic Holiday EP?

I intend to have it released on vinyl soon and so, I figured what record one would wanna put in their beach bag and play on their record player anywhere on holiday. From the midtempo dance along track to start off a lazy day, Do it do it to the song you wanna play loud in your car on the way to the beach Tragic Holiday. It had to have the poolside lounge remix so I asked this young prodigy producer Douze to imagine it. It also needed the Morocco to Wales midsummer trip track (Back To Basics) and Complex was the essential end of august breakup ballad!

Did you have an experience of a tragic holiday?

The song “Tragic Holiday” came to me, remembering this funny sensation we’ve all experienced after a nap on the beach in the middle of august, feeling both amazing and rather uncomfortable, with the confusion of all the sounds, the waves crushing on the shore, the kids playing miles away, some radio playing not far… Of course, “tragic” doesn’t mean tragic literally, I wanted an oxymoron to characterize the summer confusion.

What’s the next step after the release of the EP?

For this new record, I’ve started collaborating with my keyboard player friend Julien Baril on a production team basis. I write the songs, create the arrangements that he completes and he mixes the tracks. So the next step is going to install the new live set. I used to have a 5 piece pop band with a drummer and a guitarist. Now it’s gonna be Julien on keyboards, a laptop and myself + three fantastic girls: two backing vocalists, Barbara & Georgette and my friend Ana Rago on the bass! We’re finishing mixing the album and playing our first gigs this summer and plan to release the album in the fall.

Can you name your favorite summer song?

It would have to be Summer Soft by Stevie Wonder. And of course 10CC’s I’m not in love, the perfect sea sensation and ultimate summer ballad.

Which is your favorite holiday memory?

Being on one of the most incredible beaches in Corsica, in transparent water with a great friend of mine. We could stay in the sea for hours, feeling just perfect, thinking to ourselves “let’s grab every second of this, in two months, when we are in the miserable cold streets of our city, we’ll remember it and smile.



CosmoBrown 2

Thanks for Everything Cosmo!


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