Exclusive Interview Martika: Each one of us must be our own savior!


In the village there is an old manor house. The walls are all painted. Through the walls the images come alive! Some villagers say that the house is haunted. Maybe! Might be haunted by the music. Everywhere I hear the songs that inside them I learned to dream. Those dreams took place because Martika honored me when she spoke with me. In this manner the old manor came back to life! The paintings filled with light and life! A Truly Marvelous artist breathes life into the house and into Poping Cherry! I proudly present you a unique artist! I applaud her talent! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

You are in the top for a lot of years and have gained millions of sales, a lot of rewards and much love from the listeners. When you consider everything that has proceed do you feel that you have lived numerous and disparate lives?

I appreciate the experience of connecting with so many people through music. This is so valuable to me. With the numerous aspects to this life on planet Earth, and already having experienced so many cycles, there are parts of myself and my life that do feel disparate. Yet, it all feels connected at the same time.

I still remember the day I discovered your music! I was listening your songs in the dark and I saw a light, your music was an inspiration! What inspires you to create? What makes you feel brighter? What can illuminate the darkness?

I’m so glad that my work had a positive effect on you. I take it as a high compliment that I can cause inspiration! 🙂 I need to be creative to feel fully alive. To me, this energy we call love is the most powerful… healing and illuminating. It is the only way to peace that I can find.

In a world of Angels and Demons, could Martika be the Savior?

Ha, really? Perhaps each one of us must be our own savior.

Can you imagine yourself as a mentor who can spread your own experiences into the world?

Well, we are already imagining the part about sharing some of my own experiences. As for the mentoring…. I’m barely just learning to mentor myself. I don’t think I’m ready for a role like that. I’m sure there are people much more qualified. Perhaps my evolution will guide me that way.

What’s on your mind about the future of Martika’s life and art?

Right now, I’m staying open to new possibilities. I have a calm and enriching home life, furthering my performance skills, and developing a new body of work.

What do you think you have not accomplished yet?

Wow. Okay. Inner peace… and a bunch of other stuff!!! 🙂




Thank you for EVERYTHING Martika!


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