Aisha Eustache presents “Tornadoes”! A musical gem!

aisha eustache tornadoes

They are sometimes a spatter of rain that falls on your face and you think it’s a tear. Sometimes the wind affects your hair and you think someone pampering you. There are times when you need someone beside you. You want to speak. You want to dream. You feel weak. Looking for solace in music. Because good music is a cure. I am listening Aisha Eustache’s new single “Tornadoes” and I feel enchanted by the strength of her voice. A blessed voice that affects my soul! Aisha heals me and gives me strength. “Tornadoes” is one of the best songs I heard this year! It’s a masterpiece! The lyrics, the melody and Aisha’s unique voice created a musical gem! “Tornadoes” is a song that had scourged your life intensely! Leave it to the magic! Something better arrives!

Aisha Eustache


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