Shy’m “Solitaire”: Amazing pop dynamite made in France!

Shy’m SolitaireWhen your friends are far away and can’t talk to you, then you feel lonely. At that moment music comes to fill you. One verse will talk to you. A melody will be filling every weird feeling with colours. A French accent will lead you to Paris. There you will meet your friends, you will dance with them, you will laugh and you will feel the happiness to cover your soul. This is the valuable power of music! This is how I travel whenever I listen to Shy’m! Her new album “Solitaire” is a pop masterpiece! Melodious, addictive, full of beautiful songs is the ideal album to cover you with positive energy. The voice of Shy’m is sweet and beautiful, your ideal companion to your dreams! It’s really great when an album have the power to become your best friend! A faithful friend you can trust your soul, your dreams, your loneliness and your joy! Solitaire” is a superb game, which you can play and always be a winner! Amazing pop dynamite made in France!



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