Fifi Rong – ‘Forbidden Desire’ EP

Fifi Rong 2

It was a sunny morning and I was feeling sensitive and proud! I was lucky enough to listen first the new FiFi Rong EP! Oh, God am I a sinner? I love my Forbidden Desires! Is this true? Maybe it’s FiFi’s voice that have the “secret” power to reveal a sun in my soul…. It’s the first time that I feel proud for a Forbidden Desire! That’s the title of Fifi’s new EP!


Fifi Rong’s latest work is a further expression of her genre-bending hybrid-electronica sound, in her own words a “snap shot of my latest development”. The EP represents the continued refinement of Fifi’s distinctive style, described as ‘jaw dropping downtempo electronic music’, and showcases a transitional period towards her forthcoming album.


I can’t stop listening to her music! I am happy that she is back with such a great EP! I am happy that she returns on Poping Cherry! This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more!


Release Date: 29 April 2016

pre- order here:


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