Poping Cherry Presents Ilia Darlin!

by GEORGIOSV Visions and angels, along with shadows and half-naked women saunter in houses wrapped with music. Homes with huge halls and apartments in small buildings that are embedded in a narrow dead-end with basil, parked cars and bougainvillea. You look through windows and you see that inside have erected a beautiful concentration mentioning horror […]

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Piece Of Art: Tess.

Artist: Tiffany C Brawn Title: Tess Date: 1998 Medium: Watercolor “Years ago now, my parents adopted a puppy (a shepard – boxer cross) and named her Tess. She quickly became a member of our family, as well as my dad’s favorite hiking companion. The Christmas after she was adopted, I decided to paint her portrait, […]

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Merry Music Christmas!

Christmas is already here! If you want to listen good Christmas music we present you some of the most popular, classic holidays albums! Enjoy the magic of Christmas through the most beautiful holiday songs! Mariah Carey “Merry Christmas” Mariah’s first holiday album and one of the holiday’s classics! All I Want For Christmas is you! […]

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