Estelle is simply breathtaking!

When you have to write about a unique artist such as Estelle words are never enough. Her voice is something special that may makes you let your earthly body and traveling around a parallel universe where the music owns the first place. Her songs are made with this magical formula of the highly qualified songs. […]

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Queen Khia is Pure Perfection!

Are you ready to experience the splendor of a true Queen? Make a curtsey to her talent and let her voice to penetrate into your soul. Feel the vibrations of her music and stay stuck on the image of the queen! She has something that captivates you and makes you a loyal citizen of her […]

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R.I.P Quentin Elias.

Life is unpredictable. Is a gift that is worth live intensely. There are people who leave early. However those few years they have the chance to create and live many lifetimes. Quentin lived a short but good life. He managed to make his dreams reality and to gain the love of the people. Gone soon. […]

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