Conya Doss Returns!

Conya Doss has a voice that sounds like it’s both from the past and the future. She is classical-influenced, blues-influenced, R&B-influenced and rock-influenced, which herein lies the brilliance of how she collectively and seamlessly creates great music. Doss has built a solid reputation over the years as the modern benchmark for any young female artist […]

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Toni Braxton is Back!

Toni Braxton is one of the best memories we have! Toni Braxton created some of our favourites anthems of our life! Now she is back with her new single and video “I Heart You” taken from her upcoming eighth studio album “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes”. We love Toni and we love her new dance-pop song! […]

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Keep It Sexy Simple with Mya!

Grammy Award Winning singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, dancer and choreographer, actress and philanthropist, Mýa, released her New Album K.I.S.S all over the world!!!! “I’m so happy to be able to finally offer K.I.S.S. to my fans everywhere around the world,” said Mýa who recently galvanized audiences across the U.S. with her stunning performances on the hit television series Dancing With […]

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