Aaliyah: Angels Calling!

I read the news. I felt weak. Tears began to flow down my cheeks. I need a resolution. And then I saw a vision. The heavens opened and a sweet light approached me. She had Big Beautiful eyes and she looked nice. She was an extraordinary beauty. She had extra smooth wings and a dreamy […]

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Happy Birthday Aaliyah!

Today is Aaliayah’s Birthday! She would celebrate her birthday with her family and fans…. She’s gone but she is here in our thoughts and heart! Today let’s celebrate her birth, her beauty, and her talent! Let’s remember again this beautiful angel! Happy Birthday Aaliyah! R.I.P. We All Love You! Aaliyah was an amazing woman, an […]

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We Miss You Aaliyah….

10 years ago Aaliyah released her third album. An amazing album full of songs you still love! On August 25th Aaliyah was killed in an airplane crash in The Bahamas after filming the music video for the single Rock The Boat. It’s been 10 years but she stills here. Her fans can’t forget her. Maybe because […]

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