Exclusive Interview Mike Munich: I want to change the landscape of the music industry!

Mike Munich 1

I am the King! It’s so easy to shoot bullets from my golden heart while underneath my throne little crowns grow up like babies. I call all my Angels to give them my spark and my strength. Here comes the next generation! Listen how I glow, listen to my soul. I am a Gladiator but I have to fight later. I give love to the war and that’s just the half of me. In this war the King is pure glam + pure pop + pure fashion + pure soul! Mike Munich is a talented performer ready to blow your mind with his art, soul and mind! Poping Cherry proudly presents you a true pop Gladiator! Mike Munich is here! Pure obsession! (Interview: John Vlachogiannis)

Singer. Dancer. Model…. so many skills to feed your mind! But how can you describe Mike?

I’m just a boy who wants to be loved!  I have always had a deep love of fashion + have been hopelessly addicted to pop music.  I grew up dancing + in my heart, I will always be a dancer first.  But at my core, I am a performer.  After a few years working in LA as a professional dancer, I realized it wasn’t enough for me.  By becoming a recording artist, I discovered a way to express myself by mixing all of my loves together – music, fashion, dance + performance.

Hit me with your best shot, because I’m ready for it. “Love At War” is your new single. How can you describe the song and the video? What symbolizes this song for you?

This song is the most personal song I’ve written.  It’s about the frustrations of dating + having love always seems to slip right through your fingers.  The song is being sung directly to love, as if it were a person …. “I’m in love with love at war”.

In the video, you find me stranded in the desert at the mercy of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.  However, she’s gone rogue.  She is sick + tired of finding love for everyone else so now she is stealing the hearts of anyone she encounters, making them incapable of love.  She symbolizes the feeling of a cosmic force standing in the way of being able to fall in love.

What inspires you and puts you in the process of making art? What makes your imagination run wild?

My two favorite things in the world are fashion editorials + music videos.  This is where I draw my inspiration from.  I love how fashion tells a story in such an abstract yet glamorous way + my priority has always been to maintain an editorial edge in all that I do. And Kylie Minogue. Words cannot express how much I love Kylie.

When you consider everything that has proceed do you feel that you have lived numerous and disparate lives? What do you dream for tomorrow?

In my experience, life seems to come at us in chapters.  About every 3-4 years we have to turn the page + reinvent ourselves.  I have been working on music for 2.5 years now + I think 2014 will be the year for my musical evolution.  I have spent the past few years experimenting + I finally feel like I am really finding myself as an artist.  I want to change the landscape of the music industry.  I don’t see myself as a “gay recording artist”, but as a recording artist who happens to be gay.  I want to push the boundaries.  Break the mainstream stigma that an artist can’t be successful if he is “too gay”, ultimately paving the way for the next generation of talent to express themselves in a new + unique way.

What characterizes the artists and what makes them different than all the others?

I think we all have a creative side.  An artist is someone who lives his life expressing his true self, because he knows it would be too painful to live any other way.  We connect the dots that no one else can see, followed by an overwhelming need to share our discoveries with the world.

Do you have a message to share with Poping Cherry?

Do you + fuck the haters.




Mike Munich 2

Mike Munich 3

Thank you so much for the inspiration Mike!


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